Thursday, February 2, 2012

Upcycled Sheet Music Crafts

Why not celebrate your love for music by upcycling old sheet music into unique one of a kind creations and home decor?

Where can you find old sheet music?
Garage sales and flea markets are good places to start, or if you prefer, print your own sheet music to use in crafts (see the last links at the end of this post for a few free printables.) 

Paper is one of the  most versatile craft materials. It can be folded, drawn on, painted on, cut and pasted, glued, shaped, decoupaged, and even molded and sculpted into beautiful shapes and designs. 

Book and book page art became popular a few years ago, so why not show your love for music by using upcycled sheet music pages in your artwork? Can't find any in poor enough shape to upcycle or use for crafts? Make copies and use those. 

Coffee table DIY from adiamondinthestuff

Sheet music star wreath by Handmade & Heritage

Tea cart by The Painted Hive

just for fun

Which do you like the most?

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