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New Uses For Old Bird Baths

I love old birdbaths. I just think they're so pretty. But what if your old birdbath will no longer hold water? Then why not turn it into a unique piece of garden decor? Or how about using that old birdbath inside of your home? Check out these unique ideas below and be inspired!

Use an old birdbath to hold candles and add a warm glow to your garden. Be sure to position it away from any hanging branches or anything else that could catch fire, and remember to never leave burning candles unattended.

Transform an old birdbath into a beautiful succulent planter.
Add a few 
of your favorite large stones for a personal touch.

They're not just for outside. An old birdbath makes a beautiful addition to vintage style home decor. Just make sure to clean and disinfect them thoroughly before displaying inside of your home. If you are going to use it as a planter, it's probably best to insert a waterproof lining to prevent water from seeping through the concrete. Ask your local garden center what they recommend.

Of course, old birdbaths make perfect garden planters, and are great for plants that do not need a lot of depth such as bulbs. These Paperwhites make the perfect companion for this upcycled birdbath planter!

Mini-gardens and fairy gardens are great ideas for upcycled birdbaths. If you like miniatures, then you will love filling and decorating your own mini garden. This one is from BHG, and I love how they added concrete mushrooms and a crystal geode.

Here's another indoor use for an old birdbath:
turn it into a curio table by filling it with your 
favorite collectibles and then adding a glass top (check your local hardware store for pre-cut 
glass circles or have them cut one for you.)  Think of all the interesting items that you could fill it with! Photo from Hometalk with DIY

Here is another version of the indoor birdbath-turned-curio table.
This nautical look works great 
for a beach house or vacation home. 

Here's another great example of a Faerie garden birdbath. You can really make these personal by adding bits of your favorite things; a seashell from a recent vacation, a rock from a favorite hike, etc.
What would you put in yours? 

This old birdbath from Sierra Foothill Garden has been given a new look with the addition of colorful vintage glass insulators. I love the vintage style!  

Love old glass insulators? Then be sure to check out my article about all of the cool things you can make with Upcycled Glass Insulators.

I love mushrooms and am crazy about the woodland theme like this one made by Karen who upcycled her own cracked birdbath.

Here's another style of Birdbath turned planter

Here is a very pretty birdbath planter with DIY from Simple Sojourns

Old birdbath-turned bee and butterfly feeder

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