Friday, February 3, 2012

Vintage Handkerchiefs & Scarves Upcycled and Repurposed

I'm still deciding what I want to do with my stash of vintage hankies that I've collected over the years. While perusing the web for some new ideas I came across some pretty photos that I wanted to share...

Vintage hankie wreath

Quilt by Mary McCulty's design shop via Etsy

Headboard of framed hankies from Better Homes & Gardens

Vintage handkerchief quilt by sprinklebabyvintage on etsy

 Vintage hankie curtains (above and below)

Children's dresses made from silk scarves by Nixie (above and below)

Vintage hankie blouse by The Fabled Needle

Pillow cover DIY tutorial from elisemarley

Sweet doll dress made from a vintage hankie. Photo via 52 Flea

Table runner by littlebirdiesecrets

What would you do with them? 

Which do you like best?

Have a great week!

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