Sunday, April 14, 2019

Amazing Things You Can Make With Old Breadboxes

Traditional bread boxes were either metal or wood, and kept on top of a kitchen counter top for storage of, you guessed it, bread! Some wooden style bread boxes had roll-top lids, as you will see in the following images. 

What happened to these clunky, countertop space taker-uppers of yesteryear? I think as we transitioned to larger-sized kitchens with more cabinets, drawers, and storage space, as well as more electric countertop gadgets and small appliances, the bread box just became in the way and obsolete. 

Think about it, how many of these have you seen at thrift shops, flea markets, and yard sales? I see at least one of them at every thrift store I visit. What to do with them? Well...most people just repaint them. Paint them to match your kitchen, your bathroom, wherever you are going to eventually use it. But paint only gets you so far. It basically is still a breadbox, just with a fresh new look. And that's cool. But what I really respect and enjoy are the breadboxes that are REPURPOSED (READ: given a NEW purpose) by way of creative thinking! 

Think about it, with a little bit of creativity, ingenuity, and paint you can turn yours into something much bigger than...a breadbox.

Breadboxes turned corner shelves from Lulastic
(above and below)

Breadbox + curio cabinet + child's craft desk from Patina Paradise

Breadbox turned charging station from Bob Vila

Add some casters to stacked breadboxes for movable storage

Breadbox added to a small table = mini roll top desk!

How to refurbish a vintage bread box tutorial from The Spruce

Breadbox turned charging station from Artsy Chicks Rule

Upside-down breadbox turned storage shelf from thrift decor

Another wall shelf painted bread box

Old breadbox turned extra bathroom storage

Yellow breadbox used as catchall storage space

Which is your favorite?

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