Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Looks For Old Salvaged Doors: More Repurposed Door Ideas!

In my previous blog post about old doors, 

I shared a ton of great ideas for salvaging and reusing old doors by turning them 
into really neat home decor. Since that post, I have come across even more great 
salvaged door ideas, so here is part two, New Looks For Old Doors!

Here are my hints for how to use salvaged doors in your home:

~  Use salvaged doors to fill up a large wall space.

~  A door displayed vertically on a large wall breaks up a monotonous horizontal display.

~  Paint old doors a bright or contrasting color to add life and mood to a room.

~  Think usefulness: add shelves and/or hooks to old doors to give an old door a new use.

~  Add a mirror to an old door for a completely new look. Mirrors are a great way to add visual space and depth to a room.

~  A door with windows? That's an extra special find! Paint on the windows, or apply vinyl wall art decals to the windows for a unique look.

~  Missing window on a door? Why not use that open space creatively? Use it to hang a plant by attaching a simple hook to the top area of the space, or attach a curtain to the open space.

~  When mounting a door on a wall, be sure to use proper hardware that is strong enough to support the door. In doubt about what to get? Ask for advice at your local hardware store.

~  Use caution with doors that have old peeling paint. Most old paint contains lead. Avoid using these doors in areas where there are children or food. Pick up a lead test at your local hardware store to test for lead paint. Never remove lead paint, but paint over it instead. 

Check it out!

Old door fence via pinterest (above and below)

Salvaged door with shelves from Bulbtoblossom. The attached sconce is perfect.

Old door as a stylish headboard from CottageIndustryInterior

Doors as decor at Sweet Life Nail Bar & Lounge Denver, CO

Repurposed door in the bathroom via Pinterest

Repurposed door with coat hooks via Pinterest

Two old doors make perfect outdoor wedding decor

Repurposed door with mirrors over a rustic buffet

Door with shelf and vignette by Theresa at Time Worn Interiors

Which is your favorite?  

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