Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How To Make A Scarab Necklace

Remember scarabs?

Scarab beetles were worshiped by the ancient Egyptians. 

 I've always liked scarabs because #1, I think they're interesting 
and #2, I think they make unusual & unique jewelry. 

Check out how I turned some scarab beads into jewelry pendants!

On my workbench... I'm going to turn these carved stone scarab beads into one of a kind 
necklace pendants. 

My sketch inspiration. The page says I sketched this one on 2/7/08! Sometimes ideas and designs
 stay on paper a long time until I actually fabricate them into finished works. Half of it is finding the
time to try out new designs, the other half is being in the mood! Mood is everything!

The first thing I did was cut a 4" length of 22g sterling silver wire, strung on my scarab, and made a wrapped
loop on each end of the wire. The top loop will serve as the bail to hold the chain. The bottom loop 
is where I will attach a few beaded accents of coordinating beads. Notice how I made the 
directions of the loops opposite each other. 

Here's the wrapped loop from the bail end that will accommodate the chain
I make that loop a little larger than the one that will be on the bottom.

And then there were three. Now for the fun part...

Choosing coordinating beads for the beaded drops. I use a selection of gemstones, pearls and or crystals.

I used sterling silver headpins for the beaded drops and simply made three drops for
 each scarab and attached them to the bottom loop with another wrapped loop. That's it!

The finished scarab necklaces.

A few types of scarab beads:

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Love, Laura

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