Thursday, October 13, 2016

Vintage Childhood Halloween Costumes from the 70's

Vintage childhood Halloween costumes from the 1970's were the best. The boxed character costumes, the dress-up school parties, trick or treat in the neighborhood...what could be more fun? Oh yeah, the candy! 

Nowadays with kids of my own, the rules sure have changed. No masks, or even face makeup are allowed at school past the elementary level. But outside of school and of course on Trick or Treat night in hometowns across the USA, ghouls abound.

I remember the plastic masks with the dayglo painted faces, the small slits in the plastic for eye, nose and mouth holes, and how your breath behind the mask would condensate, making your face damp and gross. I remember the stapled-on elastic string that never stayed on very long before breaking. 

But most of all I remember the thrill of dressing up, of laughing with friends, of going house to house in the cold autumn night, and getting to escape and be something different - whether scary or not -  even if just for a short while. 

Take a step back in time with these amazing vintage Halloween photos from the 70's (and a few from the 60's and 80's too!)


What was your favorite thing to dress up as for Halloween 
when you were a kid?

Have a great week!