Tuesday, February 16, 2021

The Upcycled Garden In Winter

This has been a tough winter for many of us this year. Here where I live in Pennsylvania we got a hefty 30 inches of snow in one storm, and of course once we finally got that cleared away just enough to use our driveways and walkways we got three to four more inches on top of that, and then a few days later another two! I'll be glad once it's gone and we can get back to beautiful spring and summer, but in the meantime, I thought I'd put together a winter version of my Upcycled Garden blog posts. 

As you'll see in some of the photos below, we can still enjoy our garden art through a little bit of ice and snow. If anything, it serves as a reminder of what's beneath it all when it melts! And of course, there's always birds to feed. Once the ground is covered with cold, they often have a hard time finding food, so be sure to keep those bird feeders full! 

Garden chandelier in winter from Joy Source Gardening

Create a winter bird wreath like this one with DIY instructions from Our Fairfield Home & Garden

Create evergreen ice bowls for votive candles. photo by Bjørn Johan Stenersen (above and below)

Evergreens, pine, holly, and winter berries make great additions to the ice

Here's how to create an ice wreath: Place a custard cup or other similar cup with a bit of weight to it in the center of the pan (or use a tube pan such as a Bundt cake pan if you have one) assemble berries and greenery in the pie plate around the custard cup. Cranberries, evergreens such as pine, holly, small pinecones, sunflower seeds all work great. Fill the pan with water (except for the center cup) and freeze. Once frozen solid, carefully remove the custard cup and pie plate. If pie plate is stuck to ice, dip the bottom of the pan in warm water for just a moment and then try to remove again. Hang outside in the cold with twine or ribbon.

Homemade trellis garden art with rusty metal and glass plates from Joy Source Garden

Yardshare.com shows us that garden art can be pretty in winter too! Photo credit: yardshare.com

Ice + light is always a win. Check out these winter garden delights from Better Homes & Gardens (photo by Better Homes & Gardens)

Old jars and lantenrs + wire + candles From Husfruas Memoarer

Check out this fabulous outdoor chandelier made with upcycled electric insulators and old garden fencing made by Vickie at Ranger 911

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