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Wine About Your Garden: How To Use Recycled Bottles In Your Garden Decor

Do you like to wine about your garden? I do!

Why not add a unique and unusual touch to your garden by using wine bottles as a garden border? You can easily create your own recycled wine bottle garden edging, all you need is a little bit of time and work. 

Recycled wine bottles can really add a touch of charm to your garden. Where to get them? Collect them from friends and family, and ask your favorite restaurants for their castoffs and in no time at all you'll be on your way to a one of a kind, unique garden! 

Feeling even more inspired? Then consider using recycled wine bottles in more a sculptural form in your garden. Read on and be inspired...

Brighten up your garden with colorful cobalt blue bottles. These bottles have only the bottle necks buried, and their bright color creates quite an impact against the grass and greenery.

Helpful Hint: 
To prevent water from collecting on the "top" of the buried bottles (in the divot that is on the bottoms of the bottles that will be facing up once buried,) use a drill and diamond bit to drill a small hole (about 1/4") in the center of each of the bottle's divots before burying the wine bottles. This will allow the water to drip through the wine bottle instead of collecting in the divot, which could create a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  

Here a mix of green and blue bottles are used, some planted deeply, others just the necks. 

Leaving the wine bottle labels on the bottles adds interest and creates more of a "winy" look.

Use different color bottles to create contrast when creating a wine bottle garden pattern, as in the ambitious project! Here, the bottle necks are only planted and the areas in the butterfly's wings are filled with garden soil, hence creating a raised wine bottle garden!

In this photo, wine bottle garden borders are created to separate different garden areas.

Another beautiful example of an ambitious raised garden bed project created with upcycled wine bottles - these are all green!

A sculptural wine bottle planter

How To:
To create a wine bottle garden edging or wine bottle path, simply dig a trench with a garden shovel and then "plant" your bottles upside down, filling the areas around the bottles with dirt. Some people use sand or sand with dirt to create a garden path with recycled wine bottles but be advised: a wine-bottle-bottom walking path can be slippery when wet and land you on your own bottom!  

Wine bottle garden border completely buried and cemented in concrete

Raised wine bottle garden border

Succulent garden with wine bottle garden border.

Taking things to a new level!

What do you think?

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