Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Upcycled: New Uses For Old Chairs - Part 2

Oh my gosh, I can hardly believe that it's been SIX years since I published my first blog post collection of Upcycled Chairs! Wow! 
(If you haven't seen that post, check it out! Upcycled: New Uses For Old Chairs)

So many of the ideas shared in that post have taken off and have given birth to new innovative ideas, which I think is amazing. 

I love to see how people recreate their own versions of things, and especially how they add their own creative twist on something. Whether it be changing up the design, or using an interesting, unique combination of colors, or just being inspired to create something completely different and new—it's all really neat to watch!

Now it's time for the next round of inspiration, so check out these cool new creations made from old chairs and maybe you'll be inspired to create something new too! 

Use two old chair backs to form an occasional table

I love these brightly painted chair benches

Turn an old spindle chair into a shelf; add hooks.

From chair to chaise, just add a pillow or two.

Old chairs to new bench instructions from Instructables

Use chalkboard paint to turn an old chair back into a chalk board. 

Transform three old dining chars into a bench

Another old chair back transformed into a shelf - or added to a shelf.

Chair backs turned into cork boards

A cut in half chair bottom turned into a little hanging shelf

Caned chair back turned earring holder

A old chair turned into a plant stand. Just remove seat and insert a container.

Old chair is now a new hanging display shelf. No paint needed here. 

Top of an old chair - add knobs to serve as hooks

Cut in half and turned upside down, this old chair is now a wall display. Be careful not to overdo it, remember sometimes less is more.

Old chair bottoms with new seats added make cute stools.

Not sure if this was made from an actual chair or not, but cute.

Old chair back turned into a dog or cat bed. 

Which is your favorite?

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