Thursday, February 8, 2018

Creative Things You Can Make With Old Baby & Children's Clothes

Recently when blogging about  Valentine's Day-themed and love-inspired craft and upcycle projects I featured this Heart Quilt made from old baby clothes. I also admitted that I did stash away a special piece of my daughter's clothing here and there when packing up carloads of outgrown old kids clothes to send to Goodwill. What would I make with them? I wasn't sure, but once I started to look around for some ideas to use as springboards, I knew I had to share all of these cute ideas that I came across. 

In the past I've written about What To Do With Those Old Baby Shoes, and Creative Upcycled Baby Cribs. Now check out these cute and creative ideas for what to do with old baby clothes! 

Now of course, the best thing to do with old baby and children's clothes is to send them off to someone who can use them, or donate them to Goodwill. These projects are about saving one or two special pieces as mementos and having them transformed into something that is both old and new. 

The obvious choices are sewing projects, and if you don't sew yourself, there are plenty of people who can create these projects for you on Etsy or elsewhere on the internet. But aside from sewing, check out the wall art made with fabric scraps below and be inspired - no sewing experience is needed for this project, just some glue!

Have a stuffed toy made from baby's old sleeper. By nestlingkids

 Memory pillows (above and memory tree below) by cluckclucksew

Have a fabric cuff bracelet made by Etsy seller Bluskybubbleatelier

Turn those old baby clothes into a pillow. These you can order from Uncommon Goods

Create some wall art with old cloth scraps. Tutorial by Chasing Cottons

Rag quilt made from old baby clothes

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