Wednesday, January 31, 2018

How To Get Started Making Torch Fired Enamel Jewelry

(photo via Rings n Things)

I recently came across a great article from Rings n Things that has some useful information about getting started with torch fired enameled jewelry. In it you can learn some great tips about the colors and different types of enamels, enameling safety, metal compatibility, preparation, application, torch firing and finishing your jewelry. 

Years ago I purchased a small table top kiln and played around a bit with enameling small silver heart charms, but as usual, I got distracted and soon my attention was drawn elsewhere, my little kiln forgotten. But now enameled jewelry is really making a comeback, along with the increasing popularity of copper jewelry (copper is great to enamel on in case you didn't know), so I just might pull out my enameling supplies and give it another go.  

You don't need a kiln to make enameled jewelry—you can do it with a small torch and a few other supplies—so it just might be more accessible than you might think. 

Of course you need to make that initial investment in whatever tools are essential to the craft - but that is they way it is no matter what craft you are going to take up. 

So now I think I'll go pull out my dusty box of enameling supplies and maybe give it another go. How about you?

Have you ever made enameled jewelry? 

Would it be something you would like to try?

Have a great week!

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