Wednesday, April 12, 2017

New Broken China Jewelry In My Etsy Shop & Happy Spring!

Ah, it's finally springtime. I love it. I truly hibernated this winter! I'm glad for the warmer weather and to be able to spend lots more time outside, even if I'm spending that time working outdoors. 

My Etsy shop was very busy in March this year. Hmmm. That's kind of unusual, but with the ongoing changes within Etsy's search algorithms you kind of never know what you're going to get these days in terms of exposure and where you land up in the search results. In any case, I've been busy creating lots of new broken china jewelry and am revisiting some china patterns (especially some of the vintage chintz patterns) that I haven't used in jewelry for a while, so be sure to keep an eye on my new listings!

Here are the nine pieces I made yesterday. I have tons more on the way, it just takes me time to get them listed in my shop because I'm a stickler for having perfect shapes, perfect soldering, and great photos - and all of that takes time. You can't rush a good thing!

I hope you like them :)

All items shown above are available for purchase at

Have a great week!

My broken china jewelry is always available for purchase at

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  1. Wow-Those are all just beautiful designs, Laura. You do a great job with them. xo Diana

  2. These are beautiful too. lol...whenever I've been buying plates and bowls lately for mosaics, I think what would Laura Beth do?

    I made a pendant following your instructions from your book. I need to practice my soldering and try some more.

    A friend gave me some of her grannies dishes. I want to surprise her with a pendant using some of the design. I'm thinkin' she'll freak.

    Happy Easter.


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