Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Curb Alert Tip: How Do I Get That Dresser Home?

Let's say you're walking or driving along the road and see that someone has put a great dresser or chest of drawers out on the curb for trash, or marked "free." Wow, you think - this is just the type of piece you were looking for to makeover for your (fill in the blank) family room, bedroom, etc.

BUT you don't have room in your vehicle to get it home at the time you come across it - what do you do?

Take the drawers! Yes, take the drawers out and then come back for the dresser itself once you have your truck or whatever vehicle you need to haul the big piece. 

But first and foremost, always ring the doorbell and ask if the owner is getting rid of what's on the curb - even if they put a "for free" sign on it - it's just common courtesy.  You don't want to accidentally take something that someone might not be getting rid of! 
Tell them you are taking the drawers and will be back for the larger piece momentarily. If you let the person know that you want the item but have to run home to get a bigger vehicle, they may allow you to pull it off the curb onto their yard or hold it for you until you return. It never hurts to ask!

What do you think?

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