Sunday, August 19, 2012

Silverware Upcycled & Repurposed: Crafts With Spoons & Forks

What do you with extra silverware and old orphaned spoons?
You create something awesome with them, of course!

Check out these unique creations crafted from old silverware, forks, spoons and knives...

Fish windchimes by nevastarr on Etsy

Drawer pulls made from vintage spoons by Little Green

Silverware light

Spoon chandelier

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Love, Laura

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  1. These are so awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hey! I am in LOVE with the silverware lighting by Francois but can't find a website for him or a place to buy them...any suggestions? Your blog is truly inspiring and I LOVE it!

  3. bahaha I need one of those bitch slappers! I can't believe some of the stuff that can be created with funky old spoons and forks.

  4. Holy cow, these are great! I love the pendant lights, fish, dragonfly...all of it!

  5. I love the silverware light idea!


    1. Glad you liked the post, thanks for stopping by!

  6. I want to know where to get those earrings!! LOVE them!

  7. another idea I did with old auction silverware ($2 a box) was to drill a hole in either end of knives, forks & spoons and useany kind of string, yarn fish line, thin twine,etc. that you have around the house and cut them about 2 feet long and put it thru each piece of silverware and tie it to a pre drilled sauce pan cover,metal strainer, etc. and hang at various lengths. in the middle you hang a metal ladle, mixer thing, or anything you may have or go to a household auction and use your creative imagination!

  8. I bought 3 "stems" of spoonflowers at the North Texas Irish Festival last Spring and "planted" them in the picnic area by our pond. Most people take a minute to figure out what they are after the initial "ooh, shiny" moment. I love them, especially during the dead of winter.

  9. Hi from Australia to the cutlery lovers! Cultery arts, jewellery, etc.. are nothing started around late 80's. Now still popular, Im so surprised. Glad that these crafts never die!! :-) Belinda

  10. P.S. I have a lovely fork pendant still here for many years Ive kept it and sometimes wore it..everyone got impressed with it.

  11. OKay, so I would love to make a few spoonflowers but I am not sure how to make them, are they welded or what? They are just too cool!

  12. I would like to know how to make pins out of old spoons?

  13. I love all of these ideas Awesome!!!!!!!

  14. Love the silverware flowers and the dragonfly!

    Stephanie Jane