Thursday, April 21, 2022

Jewelry Making With Hardware Store Wire: How To Use Wire Strippers


Hi friends! In a recent video I mentioned that you can buy wire inexpensively at a hardware store - electrical insulated copper wire that electricians use - and with a tool called a wire stripper, you can strip the plastic coating off of that wire and use the wire for jewelry making!

You might wonder, why would you do this?

Well the reason is that you can often purchase this type of wire at a cheaper price than what you would pay at a jewelry supply store - sometimes for much less! 

Let's face it, metals and wire and jewelry supplies can be very expensive! If there is a way to cut costs than you should check it out! 

This is especially great for beginners who have a lot of practicing to do. Why practice on expensive wire when you could practice on less-expensive wire? Right? :) 

One of my subscribers asked me how exactly to do this so I figured I would do a quick video to show you exactly how it's done. 

In the video I explain how the tool is used, talk about the different types of coated wire that you can use with this tool, and show you how to do it!  

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I hope you join me for the video

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