Monday, July 12, 2021

Personalize Your Backpack With Easy Aesthetic Embroidery!

All of the credit for this post today goes to my daughter Erica, whose creativity and do-it-yourself prowess led her to create this very cool hand-embroidery on her backpack. 

Aesthetic embroidery is so hot right now! And not just that, it's super easy to do. Add meditative and relaxing to that and you have the perfect DIY craft.

Here is how she did it, step by step!

After deciding on the motif she wanted to embroider (she chose the symbol for Om,) the first thing she did was to figure out where on her backpack she wanted it positioned. 

The reverse side had to be accessible so that she could pass the needle through the canvas of the backpack, so she placed her design on a large pocket that conveniently had a large zipper that she could put hand through to work.

After she chose her color of embroidery thread, she used a embroidery hoop to hold the canvas taut. (Side note: these embroidery hoops are often plentiful at thrift stores!)

She chose a needle that was on the heavier side so that it could easily pass through the canvas, but not too heavy so that it would make too-large a hole in her material.

Using a pencil, she carefully sketched her design on the canvas and then used a basic freehand stitch to fill in her sketch.

The gold thread she chose looked great against the black background. 

She now had a "new" backpack that was a one-of-a-kind and completely personalized to her liking! 

Great job Erica and thanks for sharing with us!

Be sure to check out Erica's Etsy shop, RickWeaves!

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