Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Upcycled Garden Volume 15: Using Recycled & Salvaged Materials In Your Garden

Hi friends! I hope you are all staying cool in this summer heatwave. It's hard to believe that it's already July. I'm usually late with my Upcycled Garden blog post, but as they say, better late than never! 

As I said last year, it's obvious that with Covid19 so many people have picked up new hobbies and the skills that go along with them while they learn how to make all different types of DIY projects, crafts, and home improvement projects. I think that's great! Especially when I see more people embracing the use of recycled and salvaged materials. 

Whether you are a new reader to my blog or a returning fan, this is my 10th year of doing my Upcycled Garden blog posts (!!) and with each one I chose some of my very favorite Upcycled Garden inspiration. I hope you enjoy this collection and be sure to check back for more. 

Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know which is your favorite, and I want to know, what have you been working on lately?

Mix and match a rainbow of different colored lawn chairs to add color to your garden (image via Pinterest, unknown source)

Orange VW with succulents from Ideiasdiferentes

Use wire to attach glass gems to a chain link fence for a glimmer of color

Incorporating the old with the new (unknown source, image via Pinterest)

Use an old lantern as a small hanging planter

Beautiful tree stump mosaic by Muni's Mosaics

Attach an old rake to a fencepost with wire and use as a trellis for vine growing plants

What a great way to use up extra landscape stones!

The end of an old garden hoe or trowel + wire + an old glass jar + baubles = cute bud vase

Metal colanders are plentiful at thrift stores and make cute hanging planters. Use enamel spray paint to give yours a pop of color, and use chain or durable twine to hang. 

Old spoons and forks, fishing line, wire and driftwood make this unique garden mobile

An old ladder can add height and interest to your garden

Don't throw out those rusty old garden tools! They make great succulent planters like these from Vickies Intrigues via Rancho Reubidoux

An old lidded pot makes a creative birdfeeder, and the lid helps keep the elements out.

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