Saturday, July 10, 2021

Rockin' Geology Brownies: The Perfect Outdoor Adventurer Party Dessert

If you know me, then you know I love rocks, crystals, fossils, collecting arrowheads & artifacts, rockhounding - all of it! If it has to do with digging in the dirt for treasure, natural or otherwise, I'm the first in line!

So when my Earth Science club was having it's summer picnic, I knew I'd think of a creative way to combine my crafty and creative skills with my baking skills. I wanted to make something that was delicious, sweet, but not too large, messy or difficult to eat. 

My solution? Rockin' Geology Brownies!

To make things as easy for myself as I could, I used a packaged brownie mix - dark chocolate fudge - along with a premade chocolate frosting. You can make your own brownies and frosting from scratch if you like, but I was short of time and more focused on the decorating aspect when I made mine!

I made the brownie mix as directed on the package (some call for water and/or oil and and sometimes an egg or two) but instead of spreading the mix in a pan as I usually would do, I spooned the mix into mini-cupcake papers like those shown below and baked them in mini-cupcake pans following the directions on the package.

 Once my mini-brownies were completely cooled, I frosted the tops of them with chocolate frosting. Then I added the best part: chocolate candy river stones! 

I placed four or five of the colored candy stones on each brownie, gently pressing them in to the frosting so that the were secure. 

We loved how they turned out! Because the tops were candy, these small desserts packed a big punch, and were a hit. 

No matter whether you are baking for a geology club or not, these chocolate candy rocks and these Rockin' Geology Brownies are perfect for all kinds of parties; dinosaur, adventure, archaeology, you name it. You should make some too!

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