Friday, March 12, 2021

How To Use Alcohol Inks | Alcohol Ink Painting Video Tutorial

If you've never painted with alcohol ink, you're missing out! 

I just created a brand new video tutorial for my YouTube channel on how to make an alcohol ink painting. 

The tools and materials are minimal but the results are amazing! So head on over to my channel and check it out.

Below is a list of the materials I used in the video tutorial.



- Yupo translucent 100% polypropylene paper (you can use Yupo paper with alcohol inks, watercolors, and acrylic paints) For this project I used one half of a sheet of the 9x12" pad (with the light blue cover.) I simply cut the sheet in half with scissors. You can buy this at craft stores and art supply stores.

- Alcohol Inks - For this project I used Ranger alcohol inks in Denim, Sepia, and Oregano.

- Plastic disposable eyedropper available at craft stores or drug stores.

- Isopropyl alcohol 91% (I say 97% in the video but it's 91%) available at drugstores. Use the 91%. The lower percentage such as 70% does not work as well.

- Blue painters tape from a hardware store. You can also use masking tape.

- Aluminum foil (optional) from grocery store.

- Lazy Susan I purchased from a thrift store.

- Hairdryer

- Heat gun that I purchased at a craft store.

*Work in a well ventilated area. Using a fan in the room helps.

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I hope you had fun and learned something new! New tutorials coming soon!

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