Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Antique Treadle Sewing Machines Upcycled & Repurposed

50 years ago if you were to ask anyone you knew if they had a treadle sewing machine in their attic there's a good chance they would've said yes! 

Considered antiques even fifty years ago, treadle sewing machines--the classic wood and wrought iron machines that used a pedal or "treadle" to make them run--are classic pieces of history. 

These machines are still collected, restored and used, so before you decide to repurpose one, please check with a collector or group beforehand (there are a few on them online and on Facebook) since some parts are greatly valued and needed for replacement parts.

As for upcycling and repurposing vintage Singer and other brand treadle sewing machines, you will most often see them turned into tables, utilizing the iron bases as table bases. There are other options for use too, as you will see below. Take a look and see how these creative folks transformed their old treadles & sewing machine bases into unique new creations.

I love the display of vintage books on the treadle

and don't forget to visit their Etsy Shop

Upcycled sewing machine transformed into a stool via Pinterest

This old treadle Singer sewing machine is now a bath cabinet with sink 

A new kitchen island chopping block from a vintage repurposed Singer sewing machine

Here's another grill in a different style 

In vibrant turquoise paint 

Sewing machine base integrated into a kitchen ceiling lighting fixture

Here's an unusual use for an old Singer; a doorway gate

In bright sunny yellow via

A marble-top table adds elegance

Angie from Knick Of Time created this cool repurposed antique sewing machine stand wall bins

Table with natural wood tabletop Via Batixa

Rustic charm image via Olivet

Benches constructed from treadle sewing machine bases (above and below)

Whitewashed barn wood creates a simple tabletop

In white paint in the kitchen from Country Calling

Used as a plant stand

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