Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Upcycled Garden Volume 12: Using Recycled & Salvaged Materials In Your Garden

An old bed headboard transformed into a grand garden gate

There's something really special about garden art. Maybe it's because a garden by itself is a work of art, a sacred place where the magic of nature happens, but when combined with human innovation and creativity, becomes something even more special. 

Either way, I'm back again with my 12th (!!) installment of The Upcycled Garden, where you will find my picks for the very best ideas for using repurposed, recycled, and salvaged materials in your garden and outdoor landscape. 

So enough chat and let's get on to these beautiful ideas! Be sure to let me know which is your favorite. Leave me a comment below and share with us your own best garden upcycle project - we'd love to hear all about it!
Hanging wreath birdbath from The Hippy Home

Suspended windows with brightly painted frames add interest to a garden area

Old sink turned birdbath or butterfly garden

Brightly painted recycled cans with pieces of rope make quick and virtually free plant pots

Louise Durham adds stained glass to wood to create garden sculptures

Add an old bowl to a hanging planter for an instant birdbath like this one from House to Home

Old birdbath pedestal with laundry tub as a planter from Organized Clutter. The landscape stones around the base are what really finishes off this project

Piano keyboard fence for the music lover

Look familiar? If you know what this is, leave a comment below! 

Create a self-watering flowerpot with old plastic soda bottles...

...or craft a soda bottle terrarium: DIY instructions from AdriondacGirlatheart

Put old wine crates to good use as planters bu adding a lining and suspending from 
a strong frame like these from Koti Ja Keittio

Teapots can be transformed into useful birdhouses...

Add copper wire to create a pedestal for the birds

An antique wooden tub transformed into a pretty planter

What to do about that old tree stump in the yard? Carve it into a throne! (above and below)

Old teapot as a shiny planter

Old garden tools: Here old shovels are repurposed as shelves to hold potted plants

Fence made from old bicycle frames

Add gold leaf - or metallic gold paint to terracotta pots for an entirely new look

Part of an old door repurposed into a shabby garden gate.

Which do you like best?

Have a great week!

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