Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Amazing Dog Houses Made With Upcycled Wood Pallets

Old wood shipping pallets can be transformed into awesome dog houses with just a few simple tools and and afternoon. It is important to first make sure that the pallet wood that you want to use is safe, not treated with any pesticides, and is free from harmful nails, staples, or splintered wood: 

A word about safety and wood pallets 
Be advised that some pallets are chemically treated and could actually be hazardous to your pets and your health. There are regulations in the US which require wood pallets to be treated with either chemicals or heat before being shipped overseas. The safest kind of pallets to use for projects are those that are marked "HT" on the wood - that means they have been heat treated by being dried in a kiln. 

Aside from chemicals, pallets can also harbor bacteria, insects, and mold. You never know where a pallet has been, or if it could have come in contact with something dangerous, or if it was used to ship a hazardous material such as a pesticide. Keep these things in mind when considering your pallet project. 

Once you are certain that the wood you want to use is safe, be sure to remove all nails, staples, and splintered wood. Sand the wood smooth to protect paws and don't forget to always wear safety glasses. A pair of work gloves are also helpful when working with upcycled wood pallets. For help with disassembling wood pallets, check out my blog post:

Now, for some inspiration! Check out these creative ideas for homemade wooden dog houses and maybe you will be inspired to create one for your own pup! 

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