Friday, January 4, 2013

Valentine's Day Wreaths

It's only January but I know that if I want to make a wreath for Valentine's Day 
I had better get on the ball and decide what I'm going to do or it will never get
 finished on time! At least, that's how it is in my house, with two little girls running 
circles around me!  We do our best! 

Check out this collection of pretty wreaths for
Valentine's Day and maybe
 you'll be inspired to create your own wreath too!

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What do you think?

I hope you have a great week! 

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  1. Sweet Valentines day the pine cones painted pink! : )

    1. Me too! I love both the pine cone wreaths - and they're practically free to make!

  2. Love all the ideas! Love everything on your blog.


  3. Vday must be in the air already because my last post was on doing a Vday wreath as well! You included one of the ones I like so I think that is sign it is the one I should tackle!

  4. I guess I have selected a mind blowing and interesting blog.
    Valentine Love

  5. Thanks for the nice comment & picture of my Crow Heart. I like your blog & your broken china jewelry very much! Have a Happy Valentine's Day.
    Debbie, Beehive Cottage

  6. Thank you for featuring my wreath, I appreciate it!

  7. Just Beautiful! Do any of them have tutorials? (I'm new to wreath-making:)

  8. The red pine cone wreath is very beautiful. I would love to know how to begin to make something like this. It is very amazing and gorgeous. Thank you for letting me have the pleasure of viewing your crafts.


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