Sunday, December 30, 2012

Greenhouses Made With Salvaged Windows

What better way to recycle old salvaged windows than to build them into a unique garden greenhouse or potting shed?Old windows, doors, and other salvaged lumber - along with a little bit of thought and planning, can be turned into something fantastic for very little cost. 

Not only are these building projects environmentally friendly, they're also unique; each is one of a kind. Check out what some creative folks have crafted using reclaimed old salvaged windows and doors, and maybe you'll be inspired to create your own.

Where can you find these salvaged building supplies?

~ Ask friends and neighbors for castoffs they might have lying around in their attics or garage. You might be surprised at what folks stow away!

~ Check out Habitat For Humanity's ReStore

~ Keep an eye on the curb! But remember, never take any old castoffs from construction sites without asking first.

~  Use caution with doors or windows that have old peeling paint. Most old paint contains lead. Avoid using these doors in areas where there are children or food. Pick up a lead test at your local hardware store to test for lead paint. Never remove lead paint, but paint over it instead. 

Mini greenhouses by Linda at Bluegate

Another greenhouse example

Window greenhouses by North Peace 

Create a tabletop mini greenhouse from old picture frames via Country Living


Which do you like best?

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