Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Embossed Tin Ceiling Tiles: Recycled & Repurposed

Who doesn't love the charm and character that an embossed tin ceiling provides?  Once found only in historic homes, these wonderful architectural details are the perfect way to add some vintage personality to your home. 

You don't need to install an entire ceiling or wall to get the look - adding just one single tile to your decor - either as is, or configured and upcycled into something entirely new - is easy and inexpensive. Check out these awesome examples of tin ceiling tiles used both traditionally and creatively, and I think you'll agree!

Salvaged vintage tin tiles transformed into a fence

Peace sign wall art made from vintage tin ceiling tiles

Tin ceiling tiles in the bedroom...

Tin tiles as a headboard (above and below) photos via Apartment Therapy

A popular look: Tin kitchen backsplash


Refrigerator covered with tin (also below)

This Mexican punched tin has the same look as, and is an alternative to ceiling tiles

Stove hood made with vintage tin tiles

This kitchen ceiling is sleek and elegant!

Painted ceiling tiles lend a softer, embossed look to a ceiling

via Apartment Therapy

Wall decor

This entire wall was covered with tin tiles - what an amazing look!

Tin tile wall at Four & Twenty Blackbirds NYC

Tin tile fireplace surround from This Old House

Tin tiles used as a heat shield behind a wood stove

Image Detail
What a great use of ceiling tiles!

Tin ceiling tiles as home decor and artwork...

Ceiling tin art by FloralAccents via Etsy

Tin tile as magnetic board

Image Detail
Ceiling tile planter box from This Old House

Tri-fold screen made from vintage ceiling tins

mirrors made from tin ceiling tiles

Tin frame mirrors (above) and star (below) from Olde Good Things

a tin-tile chalkboard
Art Deco style tin tile chalkboard DIY instructions

Shelf made from antique ceiling tins by Vintagehomeaccents

Tin hooks (above) by Architiques

Waste can made from an old tin tile by oldtinstuff via Etsy

Vintage Tin Ceiling

Tin Ceiling Tiles: Recycled & Repurposed

Which do you like best?

Have a great week!

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  1. So many great ideas and uses for them! Love the headboards!!

  2. Love, love, love your blog! Lots of interesting ideas and very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

  3. All your pictures of tin are wonderful! Check out my blog for tin we just installed in our kitchen.
    Thanks MJ

  4. i would like to try some of these projects out!

  5. I have an old building with a tin ceiling. Where would I sell these?

  6. Thinking of using tin ceiling tiles as countertop. Have you ever seen this? Do you think it would work?


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