Monday, May 14, 2012

Home Decor & Art Made From Old Salvaged Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood tray from Nordic House

What's not to love about the rustic look and feel of a piece of old weathered wood? Old salvaged wood can add great warmth to your home when used as accents and home decor.

Check out this collection of art and home decor fashioned from salvaged, reclaimed wood and I think you'll agree that sometimes things become more beautiful with age!

Mirror frame made from reclaimed wood

Recycled wood shelves

Room divider made from reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood staircase by Alberto Mozo

Recycled wood zombie

Recycled wood clock

Recycled wood frames by The Painted Home

Recycled wood wall art by Richard Pearse

(here's a tip: be weary of old paint that could contain lead when working with old wood)

Which do you like best?

Have a great week!

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