Friday, March 30, 2012

China Plate Wall Displays: Cheap and Easy!

Bohemian Inspiration Home plates chair

Plate walls are simple to make and cost next to nothing - they are also no longer limited to kitchen or living room walls...

But I don't have any plates!
 Find them at yard sales, thrift shops, or online. 

I don't know where to start! 
To coordinate plates with your room, pick a color from your room's  decor - your rug or curtain fabric, and go from there. Or, you might want to contrast plates with your wall color. Check out this collection of wall displays and be inspired! 

These dainty rose floral plates are perfect for this shabby desk and chair

Quaint display

Love: Plates with words. via Bees Knees

This dining room wall is covered with bright plates

Blue and white transferware from Nancy's Daily Dish

random plate wall with white plates
Keeping it simple 

This plate display was wrapped around the corner and to the next wall

Kitchen plate wall

Lovely spring mantle display via Martha Stewart

Plate wall display coordinated with surrounding furnishings completes the look

Mix whimsical plates with traditional plates for an eclectic, Bohemian look

These framed fruit plates have an elegant, uniform look - even with their variety of colors and patterns. 

Framed medallion china plates
Framed plates

This clever crafter spray painted thrift store plates to create a rainbow of color.

Plates displayed in a narrow space

These plates and trays, tightly displayed - are all tied together with a theme

colorful plate wall with overlapping plates
Another tight/overlapping display. via BHG

31a17cc306b7 {nesting} Plate Collage
Unique or unusual plates add interest

Plates in a line look organized and are different from the displays you commonly see

decorative plate wall with linear arrangement
Another example of a linear wall arrangement

Instead of plates, tureen lids are displayed in this small bath

This massive outdoor plate wall display makes a statement


cassandras dining room after 18
These multicolored plates work well with the brightly painted piano

Decoupage old photos to plates for a personalized display

plate wall with wording on plates
Decoupage words on plates. I am going to do this with some favorite poems and song lyrics.

Painted house numbers on an old platter

Outdoor plate wall

How to hang plates:
Check out my YouTube video for easy instructions!

What do you think? 
Are you going to dish it out?

I hope you have a great week 

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