Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vintage Wood Crates: Upcycled & Repurposed

I'll never forget the surprise I got when I bought my first house (which was an estate sale - we bought the house and everything in it, and spent the first two weeks going through all the stuff and cleaning it all out!) ...and in the kitchen was an old white painted pie-safe-type cabinet with various odd-sized drawers. But that wasn't the big surprise. The big surprise came when I took the first drawer out of the cabinet to empty it out and discovered that it was made from an antique fruit crate! In fact, all the drawers were. I was in love! I still have this "treasure" of a homemade cabinet and will never part with it! 

Check out what these creative folks have done with salvaged wine, beverage, and fruit crates and be inspired!

Vintage crate photo via

Garden shed wine crate cabinets via Martha Stewart

Crates as planters

What a pretty way to show off your home canned goods - via Country Living

Wine crate storage at JZ Cool in Melno Park photo via Design Sponge

Bookshelves made from old wine boxes by Lou Mora and Sarah Yates via Design Sponge

A similar look but in charcoal gray or black

Side table made from an old crate by modernarks via Etsy

DIY shelves and rolling storage from old wine crates by Jessica Christman

I love this little crate table from Kirin Notebook blog

Another look via Design Sponge

Perfect magazine & book storage from 79 Ideas

I adore these shelves made out of  apple crates

Which do you like best?

Have a great week!

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