Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bohemian Mother Of Pearl Button Necklace Tutorial

I've had these old mother of pearl buttons lying around on my workbench just waiting to be made into something special.  Before I turn some of them into a home decor project though, I picked the nicest ones out and decided to turn them into a beautiful piece of Bohemian button jewelry. Check it out! 

I measured and cut a length of sterling silver chain

 I cut some 3 to 4" lengths of sterling silver wire

Threaded a wire through a button hole then bent into a U shape

Pressed the wire snugly against the button

I wrapped the shorter end of the wire around the longer end

 I then created many!

I found the center link of my chain and attached the first button with a wrapped loop

Then I attached the rest of the larger buttons, equally spaced on the chain

Then I added the smaller buttons

Then I gave each one an extra wrap of sterling wire, nice and thick

Deciding whether to add some Amethyst or Apatite gems... decisions, decisions! 

I wrapped a few blue Apatite briolettes and then decided to add some crystal clear quartz beads too.

I love how these look like raindrops! I attached the quartz crystals to the buttons.

Almost finished... next this will go into Liver of Sulfur mixture to oxidize the silver...

Liver of Sulfur oxidizes the silver and turns it black

How it looks after the Liver of Sulfur it will be polished up with silver polish to bring out some of the shiny silver to create a nice contrast...

All polished up and finished!

I love how this turned out!

What do you think?

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What do you think?

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  1. That is really gorgeous, and such a good idea! I think it also looked good before the liver of sulfur, so shiny.

    1. I thought it looked nice with the silver finish too! I might have to make another!

  2. Wow ≈ really gorgeous ≈ love the way they turned out :)

  3. What I enjoy about your art is that you appreciate the small beauty of old pottery designs, silverware detail and something so utilitarian-old buttons. The craftsmanship and care that went into the creation of items from the past impresses me so much, which is why I search for old pieces. There is an architectural supply store near me and I purchased some knobs a while ago for $1 each. Each one is a small work of art. I put one on my bathroom cabinet and it brings me joy every time I use it. The cabinet had a polished, silvery knob smile, no joy.
    Liver of sulfur...what a strange, spooky name.

    1. Yes, the old patterns are works of art. I am addicted to both the china and silver patterns. That type of beauty cannot be matched with what is produced today. There is no comparison. ...and I agree, Liver of Sulfur is a strange, spooky name! It smells awful too!

  4. Thank looks great. I like the gems on the necklace.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I love your blog!

    - Jessica from the Doily Duck ... Come visit and follow me :) Thanks!

  6. Beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work!

  7. It turned out wonderful. Great job


  9. I've always wondered how that silver changed color! Hm...Liver of Sulfur? UGH!
    Thanks for showing each step, your end product is super nice! I'm inspired, although not too excited about the Liver of Sulfur!

  10. What a gorgeous piece! Thanks for sharing your tutorial - I can't wait to give it a try. ;)

  11. love it, and I love your blog!

  12. Just wondering -- will the liver of sulfur damage the buttons? Is there any particular material you should NOT use with LOS?


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