Friday, August 31, 2012

Beautiful Upcycled Barbed Wire Creations

Beautiful barbed wire - does such a thing exist? 

You bet it does. 

Barbed wire has a unique blend of elements that make it an
 interesting and eye catching addition to both home decor 
and garden decor.  It's old, usually weathered and rusty, 
it's wire, so it has the ability to be formed into all sorts of interesting 
shapes, and it's unusual; it's something most folks 
don't get to see on a daily basis. 
Check it out...

Barbed wire heart photo by Januine

Types of barbed wire via Design Sponge

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  1. LOVE IT! Wow so beautiful and still edgy. The three wick candle wrapped in barbed wire is my favorite! Brilliant!!

  2. Great picks. I'm not sure what ones I like the best.

  3. I loved it though it might hurt if it's touched not carefully. The heart pendant is beautiful!

  4. A MAZE edgy...I want them all. <3

  5. im amazed. i too use barbed wire as my medium.i use to work pulling fence line on the rez and would toss sum of the extra in the back of my truck. i hated seeing it just going to waste.i began seeing the beauty in its harshness.your creations and visions are very similar to my own.its good to know that im in good company. may u never argue for your limitations.

  6. Beautiful... I'm in Love

  7. quel talent! Je vais copier le nid quelle po├ęsie.

  8. This is so creative! Loved them!!


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