Friday, August 10, 2018

Cool & Stylish Back To School Backpacks For 2018 - 2019 School Year

 Goal digger backpack rosegold

Klimt The Kiss backpack
It's that time of year again! Time for back to school shopping for a brand new school year! Yay! What's hot and on trend for 2018-2019? There's so many stylish options for all different tastes, no matter what current trend you are into. 

Here's my take on what's hot for the new school year. Check out my picks for the most stylish backpacks for back to school 2018 to 2019 school year! 

Everything tropical is still going strong, with palm leaves, ferns, and botanical plant themes for a nature vibe. 

 Modern Tropical Palm Leaves Backpack

Mystical arts themes with constellations, stars, and fun fortune teller and evil eye designs continue to please throughout 2018 and I'm sure will continue to gain popularity throughout 2019 and beyond. 

 evil eye backpack

 Scattered stars backpack in pink 

 Egyptian amulet backpack


 scattered stars backpack white black

Minimalist watercolor designs offer simple pure style whether the colors are light and bright or deep and heavy.

 minimalist backpack

 Blue minimalist watercolor backpack

Mandalas and Boho theme have really made their mark and are not going away anytime soon! These designs and vibrant color schemes continue to delight and invigorate us.

 Watercolor mandala in blue violet backpack
Watercolor Mandala in Blue Violet backpack

 Boho mandala backpack
Hand-drawn Boho Mandala in Merlot backpack

Fun pop culture designs are always on trend! Whether it's a funny saying, word, or meme reference, these styles are always a hit.

 So extra hand graphic backpack

Think backpack

Classic art is always classic! 

 Starry Night VanGogh backpack

 the kiss Klimt backpack

 Edvard Munch The Scream backpack

Activism and awareness are always popular.

 Resist backpack
Resist backpack

 she who dares backpack
She who dares backpack

 Girl power mandala backpack
Girl Power mandala backpack

Which is your favorite?

Have a great week!

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Monday, July 30, 2018

New Broken China Jewelry!

Here's a quick look at what's new in my etsy shop this week...

 broken china jewelry bluebird

 broken china jewelry bird

 best broken china jewelry

 Dishfunctional Designs

 silver spoon jewelry

 silver spoon bracelet

 spoon bracelet

 silver spoon jewelry

 moonstone bracelet

Interested in a custom order? Email me at with a photo of your china and let me know approximately what you would like made and we can get the ball rolling!

Have a great week!

My broken china jewelry is always available for purchase at

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Cool Things You Can Make With School Supplies

It's almost that time of year again (!), when our newspapers are filled with store circulars displaying ads for back to school clothes and school supplies! 

While the deals are hot, why not stock up on some back to school art supplies to keep in your own craft cache? While you are shopping for all the things your kids need for school, be sure to pick up some extras for yourself and take advantage of the back to school sale prices!

Here is a list of things that are commonly found in the school supplies isle that are usually on sale this time of year, along with some ideas for what YOU can use them for!:

Glue sticks - you can never have enough glue sticks! They really come in handy around the house and are great for art and craft projects. They are especially useful for any kind of paper crafts, scrap-booking, and card making.

Composition books - these sturdy classics are great to use as journals! Why not create a little altered art on the covers and turn them into art journals? I also use them for to-do lists, for home organization, as a place to jot down craft instructions and home improvement ideas. 

Composition book caddy by Splendorfalls

Altered composition book tutorial by Aesthetic Nest

Altered composition book by jtjujubees via Etsy

Crayons - If you haven't noticed the wave of melted crayon art that has been all over the net, you are missing out! 

Crayon heart wall art 

Canvas + crayons + glue gun + hair dryer = crayon art by Whatever

Melted crayon art  

Crayon initial by Nesting Sticks

Colored pencils -  not only are these are great for drawing and coloring, but you can create with them too!

Sterling silver color pencil necklace, color collection - winter No. 1, the green and blue series
Colored pencil necklace by huiyitan via Etsy

Vase made with colored pencils Glue them to a jar with hot glue! from Country Living

Colored pencils spring necklace with swarovski crystals.

Colored pencil necklace by Anrw via Etsy

Colored pencil bead DIY from Design Mom.  The pencils are simply cut by hand with a small hacksaw (image 1), then rubbed on a piece of sandpaper to smooth the ends and edges (image 3), and then drilled with a small drill bit. 

Rulers - Rulers are another thing that are currently very popular for crafts and  decorating! *Be sure to check out my previous post You Rule! Yardsticks and Rulers Upcycled for tons of other ruler craft ideas!

Back to school ruler planter from HGTVgardens

Ruler frames by The Lettered Cottage

Ruler stars by Mamie Jane's

Ruler backsplash for your kitchen sink from The Kitchn

Yardstick coat rack DIY from BHG

Pencils - there's nothing that says "back to school" like a No.2 yellow pencil! Check out what some creative folks made with them.

Pencil Eraser Necklace - Teacher or writers gift

Pencil and eraser necklace by DaisyDeux via Etsy

Pencil wreath DIY (great for teachers!) by Organize & Decorate Everything

Back to school pencil and chalkboard wreath by The Nature of Grace

Other supplies -  flash cards, pens, markers, glue, and tape are also great to add to your crafting stash so while the prices are rock bottom, stock up. 

What do you think?
Which do you like the most? 

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I hope you have a great week!

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Originally published July 30, 2012 refreshed and updated 2018