Wednesday, January 18, 2023

New Thrift Haul Video - Fancy Glass, Kitty Cat Cookie Jar & More!

Hey friends! I hope you had nice holiday, had some time to relax, and had a great New Year!

I've had a few great thrift store finds lately and I put together two short videos to share them with you so you can see my treasures!

Thrifting is so much fun because it always begins as a mystery since you never know what you might discover. 

The thrill of finding something cool is a great feeling, and then later on at home, doing a little bit of research and finding out the value of  your thrift shop finds is fun as well.

The first of my two new thrift finds videos is below, you can watch it right here or you can watch it over on my YouTube channel. Be sure to check out all of my other thrift haul videos while you're there! I will post the second video in a new blog post soon.


Be sure to leave a comment on the video and let me know which is your favorite find! 

Have you ever found something amazing, a great deal, or something just pain awesome? Share your finds in the comment section below the video, I'd love to hear from you!
And when you visit my YouTube channel, be sure to check out my other Thrift Haul videos and see all of my cool finds!

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