Thursday, February 3, 2022

Paper Mache Folk Art Painted Heart | Video Tutorial

I've been on a roll with the heart crafts this month, especially since Valentine's Day is right around the corner and also to help get us though some pretty miserable winter weather!

It's so cozy to be inside, doing something creative while temperatures outside drop! So this next project should warm your heart and give you some fun, relaxing, creative time.

This paper mache heart is easy to make an you can personalize it by painting it however you like. You can use my technique as a guide or you can completely go your own direction, choosing your favorite colors and styles.

I used acrylic paints and you can find the complete video tutorial here, as well as a list of all of my tools and materials in the video's description.  As always, the tools and materials are simple and you most likely already have most if not all of them in your home. 

Gather up your supplies! Check out the step-by-step video tutorial here and have a great weekend! 

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