Monday, February 6, 2012

Branching Out: Art & Decor From Wood Slices, Branches, Twigs & Driftwood

Check out this unique home decor made from tree branches, twigs, sticks and driftwood. Most of the supplies needed to make these items can be found in your very own backyard!
Cabane à oiseau en contreplaqué recouverte de petites branches de bois et écorce de bouleau

Wood slice chalkboard by Olive Manna

Un portant en planches épaisses et branche de bois pour un dressing naturel et zen
Zen atmosphere 

Rustic Modern Coat Rack with Hooks and Shelf - 9"x24" Made To Order
Wood slice coat hanger via modernrusticart on Etsy

Une lanterne fabriquée en fines branches de bois à accrocher sur la terrasse

Wood slice wedding guest book

A selection of wood slice walls...

Yellowstone Residence Media Room traditional media room
Wood slice media room wall by Worth Interiors via Houzz

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  1. This is just the coolest thing I've seen in AGES...especially the cake stand...just discovered you blog and LOVE it...thank you for sharing your creativity!

  2. I have to agree, the cake stand is really cool.

  3. Such great ideas here. I agree that the cake stand really takes the cake!

  4. OMG, those great ideas really interesting!!!


  5. These are awesome!!! Such a clever way to bring in a bit of nature, I love the style. Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to find/use some of these ideas for my condo :)

  6. I am continuously amazed at the creativity of people. Great&fun ideas!!

  7. Now i know what to do with our future christmas trees after the holidays ;-)

  8. Just bumped into this site for the first time. Was very impressed! As a branch and twig carver myself, with a large branch or stump thrown in occasionally, it was good to see what other folks are doing with the terrific natural raw material that is all around us--even some laid down recently by Hurricane Sandy! Fox Chapel Publishing has publshed four of my books: three on whittling/carving with twigs and branches, and TREE CRAFT, a book with "35 rustic wood projects that bring the outdoors in."

  9. omg i love the stuff they made out of wood would love to have my whole house in wood stuff....

  10. Please post directions to make these items, they are beautiful!

  11. Had an idea of how to decorate my new country house but ended up having a better understanding of the beautiful wood and how I can use it. Excellent. Thank you!

  12. Wow! So many inspiring projects here! However, I'm trying to make a basic table from branches that I've prepared. I would really love to find a tutorial or even a photo to help me get going. Do you know of any good resources? Thanks.

  13. Great designs ! Any tips on what I could use to preserve white birch bark twigs so they don't dry and flake off.

  14. But how are these logs prepped for these crafts?

  15. So much Eye Candy - I Love this post!

  16. These are some great ideas -- but I'd like to know how they are prepped, too.
    Specifically, to ensure that there are no bugs. As I want to make a cat tree, I need a kitty safe way to "clean" the branch of bugs.

  17. Hi!
    I found your blog today and I must say the wood stick art struck me right in the eye!

    I was looking for examples on curtains made of wooden sticks, and although I did not find any here, I'm really glad I found these pics. I've already decided to change my home decor and e.g. add more natural wood, so the idea that a bookshelf can be made out of branches is just the right thing for me.

    You are a great artist, judging by all the designs and different materials that you use. I hope you can continue your good work and be an inspiration to all of us who are looking for ideas.

    (from Finland, female, 54)

  18. i like the lamp that looks like a branch the most. have seen something similar in my summer holidays in the alps