Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Salvaged & Upcycled Telephone Booths

Old English phone booth restored and turned mini-library in Coopersburg, PA 

Did you ever think that phone booths would be one of those unique things that would be salvaged and upcycled into something new and different? 

Well some clever and creative folks decided to do just that when faced with the opportunity of transforming an old phone booth into whatever they desired. 

The results? How about a library? Check out these cool telephone booth transformations and maybe you'll be inspired to think about how you would transform one yourself.

Phone booth turned mini-library

Phone booth turned fish tank via

Old phone booth turned beach shower booth

Old phone booth turned bar

Phone booth turned wine storage via DIY network

Phone booth turned toilet in the woods

Here a old phone booth has been turned into a defibrillator station - smart idea!

Phone booth turned mini art gallery

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