Tuesday, May 4, 2021

DIY Molten Stamped Low-Temp Solder Jewelry Tutorial


This video has been a long time coming! Watch as I teach you step-by-step how to make unique, beautiful, handmade jewelry components and frames using my stamped solder technique from my book, Boho Chic Jewelry: 25 Timeless Designs Using Soldering, Beading, Wire Wrapping and More.

My books were many years in the making, and as the years go by I occasionally notice people copying and republishing my content as their own in either print or video form as workshops or even as magazine DIY articles! 

I think what many people don't realize (or just choose to ignore) is that the content that I produce and publish is protected by my publisher. 

I really think that people are just so hungry for content to produce for their own benefit that they think they can just buy a book and then create an article or video and claim the content as their own. Wrong! Trust me, you do not want a major publishing house's lawyers contacting you for infringement, so copier beware.

Either way, those folks usually stop producing new content when they run out of things to copy. In a nutshell, they do not have the capacity or creativity to come up with their own ideas. 

In contrast, creative artists never run out of new ideas and are continually creating new content. Sometimes I can't write the ideas down fast enough. But I also have very limited time to create videos and other media...but now that's changing. 

Step into my workshop and see step-by-step how I create these beautiful jewelry components from start to finish in my Pennsylvania art studio. 

Fact you don't know about me:
I've hosted students from the Engineering Department of Lehigh University in my art studio to talk with them and teach them how to look at materials in new ways, and how to think creatively about those materials and how they can be used in new and different ways!

Always remember, the purpose of art books and craft books is to inspire you to be creative. Use the content you read and watch as a springboard for your own ideas and your own creativity!

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