Saturday, May 15, 2021

New Copper Bezel Necklaces In Shop (As Seen On YouTube)

Remember the copper bezel art jewelry necklaces from this workshop on my YouTube channel? They're now available for purchase in my Etsy shop, so be sure to check them out! 

This was a fun project where I teach how to create these handmade bezels and then turn them into one of a kind pieces of art jewelry.

We first create the textured copper backplate, solder on the bezel cup, give it a magical copper patina, and then fill them will all sorts of goodies. Then we turn them into one of a kind necklaces using beads and chain and even pieces of vintage ribbon. 

In the workshop I show how I created these three necklaces, each with a different theme. The workshop is a two-part video series so if you want to check it out be sure to start with part one first. 

The theme of the first one is nautical, with a part of an old map that reads Atlantic Ocean as the background, and decorated with pearls and antique glass pieces.

The theme of the second one was soft blue English transferware, and features an antique potter shard along with gold leaf and a chain attached with Angelite beads and bits of old lace.

The third one shown here has a green organic nature theme and features vintage pottery shards with a green leaf pattern.

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