Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Upcycled Wood Pallets: DIY Vertical Herb Gardens & Planters

Upcycled pallet vertical wall herb garden from Messy Art

Vertical garden planters made from recycled wood shipping pallets aren’t only ideal for apartment dwellers and urban gardeners who have limited outdoor garden space. They make great additions to any garden, and allow any gardener, whether city or country, to bring a little bit of their outdoor gardening indoors.

Pallet garden planters can be used so many different ways:
- Add casters or cart wheels for an easily movable pallet planter. 
- Add some narrow boards inside of the pallet to create shelves for potted plants.
- Add a backing on the pallet with landscaping materials and you will have a planter that you can plant directly into.
- Paint your palette a bright hue to add a beautiful pop of color to your garden.
- Add visual interest, pattern, & texture to your vertical pallet planter by adding horizontal rows of the same plants or flowers.
- Use your pallet planter as an herb garden and conveniently keep it right outside of your kitchen door.
- Use your vertical pallet garden to grow one particular fruit or vegetable such as strawberries.
- Add strong chains to your vertical pallet garden so that you can hang it inside of your home.
- Create a fence or yard divider with recycled wood pallets and add spaces for plants within the slats.
- Wood pallet vertical garden planters are versatile. You can put them virtually anywhere outdoors around your home or garden, attach them permanently in one spot, or move them around whenever you like.

Remember, once you add soil and plants or plant pots to your pallet it will become very heavy. Make sure your pallets are very securely anchored to your wall with sturdy hardware.

Now check out some great vertical pallet garden ideas and inspiration!

Pallet Garden fence from Two Bears Farm

Paint your pallets for a bright pop of color. Turquoise and purple look great in a garden!

Pallets cut into different heights and attached to each other create an interesting 
flower planter and garden divider. via Pinterest

DIY pallet planter from Hello Creative Family

For a lush pallet planter, plant enough flowers! 

Pallet planters are great for patios and for those short on outdoor growing space

Floral pallet wall planter

A very pretty pallet herb garden. Lots of care has been taken to finish the wood. 
Attention to details makes this one stand out.

Multiple pallets offer plenty of shelves & spaces for small potted plants

How convenient is it to have an herb garden right outside your kitchen door?

Planting rows of the same types of flowers or plants emphasized the horizontal 
viewpoint and looks streamlined

This vertical planter is not wall-mounted but instead hung by chains
(backed with landscape fabric)

The weathered wood and handwriting give this pallet herb garden its charm.

Mini pallet vertical succulent planter

Which design do you like best?
What would you plant in yours?

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