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Friendship Bracelets As Textile Arts: Maturing A Childhood Trend
Multicolored bracelet array

I'm super happy to share with you a guest blog post today from my daughter Erica, who is an amazing weaver! She is also a member of the class of 2020, and with her school year cut short, has gotten in a lot of practice making her beautiful woven bracelets.

I grew up spending time with my cousin, Andrea. Being a few years older than me, she would always be the one who was up on trends first, either from the big kids at school or summer camp. 

I was about 8 years old when she taught me how to make friendship bracelets in my grandmother’s sunny living room.

Simple twisted and green variegated "carpet" bracelets

Bright Aztec-inspired bracelet

Andrea showed me over and over again how to make a forward knot with embroidery thread, the most basic building block for a bracelet. From there, I mastered what we called a “carpet” bracelet. Soon enough, I amassed a collection of rainbow threads to knot with for the duration of that special summer.

Double arrowhead with natural color palette

Now at 18, I’ve taken up this craft again, finding now more than ever how meditative and rewarding knotting friendship bracelets is. Working through a pattern to create a beautiful and unique textile clears the mind and helps you relax like no other creative hobby.

You can create an endless variety of color combinations and different patterns

Like many of you, my town had been under stay at home orders for over three months during the Covid-19 pandemic. I spent this time building my repertoire of bracelets and opening my own small business through Instagram.

I'm glad to have used this tough and uncertain time to channel my energy and put something beautiful into this world!

Pastel sunset chevron

Weaving friendship bracelets is a hobby that transcends childhood. As I spent more and more time knotting these bracelets, I found new and complex patterns that could challenge me and take my skills to the next level. The simple knots can be expanded from forming bracelets to bookmarks, or even more ambitious projects like belts, guitar straps, necklaces, or even wall hangings.

My favorite bracelets!

It is never too late to create friendship bracelets! I’d suggest that a beginner should purchase a plastic box for storing string, paper or plastic bobbins to wind the sting onto, and multicolored embroidery thread. 

The great thing about handwoven bracelets is that they are accessible. Even the most beginner-level knotter can create a fantastic, wearable piece and personalize their projects.

One-of-a-kind key chains

Hogwarts house inspired bracelets

All of the bracelets shown are available for purchase through my Instagram shop rickweaves.

Looking for a special custom bracelet with you own favorite colors? Message me @rickweaves and I'll make a special one just for you! Come and see all of the other styles and patterns I have to offer! ~ Erica

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