Monday, July 29, 2019

Upcycled Metal Mesh Scouring Pad Turned Succulent Air Planter

I love when I find a new upcycle idea that has been created with an everyday household object that I have not seen upcycled in any other form before. This is one such item: the metal mesh pan scouring pad! 

Using a clean, new unused pad of course - these pliable pads can be unrolled and reformed into new shapes and designs, like the air planter shown below. Not only is it an easy and fun transformation, but the finished product has a unique, contemporary look that I think is really unique! 

For this project you need clean, new metal mesh scouring pad, some wire, and craft scissors. You will also need some type of round object to use as a form to shape the mesh around. To make the planter, pull the pad apart, leaving one end closed. 

Open the opposite end (which will eventually become the top of the planter) with scissors if needed, and then shape the mesh around your round object (such as around the bottom of a bowl) to create a basket shape with your metal mesh.

Roll the edge of the open end down a bit to create a nice rim to the open end of the planter. Then attach your wire to the open end to hang your planter. Fill with a small amount of moss and then add your succulent. Water it using a spray bottle. 

Check it out! 

Metal mesh turned air planter

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