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How To Use Old Doors In Your Garden: Upcycled Doors

Brightly painted old screen door

Using an old door in your garden is one of the most inexpensive and fun ways to add a unique, personal touch to your garden landscape, and it's really easy to do! 

Whether you are using an old screen door or standard door, there are lots of ideas here to get the wheels turning and get you started with your own garden door decor. You can paint them, add hooks, add shelves, add hanging plants—what would you do with yours? 

Personally, I love bright pops of turquoise or purple in a garden among all the greenery, so those are my favorite types of upcycled garden doors. What are yours? 

Don't forget - when you're working with old doors be sure to check for lead paint, which tends to peel in an "alligator"-like pattern. Never scrape off or sand old lead paint, only paint over it. Pick up an inexpensive lead paint test kit at your hardware store to test any unknown old paint, and if you are unsure of the type of paint, it's better to be safe than sorry, so keep any old painted items away from kids and pets.

If you are working with a heavy door, make sure that it is very securely attached to a strong, stable base or secured in a way that it will not fall down due to it's weight or bad weather and wind. Use strong industrial strength chains and fasteners from a hardware store to secure your door, and always wear safety glasses and work gloves when doing DIY projects! Always paint in a well ventilated area—outdoors is best.

Now it's time for some old doors in the garden inspiration, and maybe you too will want to add an upcycled old door to your garden decor! Will you paint one a bright color? Or use one as a trellis for your Morning Glories? Or will you add some hooks and shelves and turn that old door into a little storage area? Or maybe you will do one of these...

Secret garden door with grapevine wreath via homespun living

Old screen door with screen removed, add paint and hanging plant. Make sure the door is strong enough to hold the plant via pinterest

Old doors in neutral lights form a garden patio privacy wall via pinterest

Old screen door with screen removed for a purely decorative porch accent

Old screen door with screen removed and added flower box 

Two narrow cupboard doors  with added windows to make a roof make a cute gate entrance. via pinterest

Two doors turned into a garden arbor 

Door + shelves + spindles via findinghome farms

Four old doors make a cute garden nook

Old doors and windows - hang a mirror or frame for added impact

Upcycled doors form a cute garden nook 

Old doors in garden shed, add hooks to hang tools via pinterest

Which is your favorite?

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