Friday, February 17, 2017

Time Lapse Mandala Artwork - Ink Drawing With Watercolor Painting

I've been playing around with creating time lapse videos, tooling around with the time lapse feature on my iphone... but quickly found out that the built in time lapse feature is just too fast for capturing artwork! 

I thought I would try it out while creating this doodle - a quick pencil sketch to get my design started, and then some pen and paper drawing, topped off with a little bit of color added with water and watercolor paints.  

You can see it all below in about 26 blazing seconds haha! ...but I was unhappy with the video's rhythm of my drawing, which turned out to be just too fast for you to really see what I was doing. (watch it here on my YouTube Channel instead)

Regardless, I uploaded the video to my YouTube channel and then tried to toy with the video's settings, slowing it down 2x and then 4x but I soon found out that that didn't work because when a time lapse video is filmed, there are sections of time that are actually skipped. If you try to slow down a video that you filmed in time lapse mode on your iphone, the result is actually a trippy, smeared video! 

My resolution? I just downloaded an app that allows you to choose your video recording speed, so back to the drawing board - literally. When I get some free time I will give it another shot using the app and hopefully have some better results! 

Have you ever made a time lapse video for your artwork? 
Any tips to share? 

I hope you have a great week! 
Love, Laura

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