Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cool Cat Houses For Cool Cats - DIY Cat Houses

Hello everyone, my blog topic for today is how to make a house for your cat. As you may already know, it's very important that your cat has his or her own house. If you did not know this, you may have noticed that you cat has been trying to hint this to you by jumping into and laying down in any various open cardboard box that you may leave lying around in your home. Every time your cat does this he is in fact saying, "please make me a house." So there you have it. 

Now that you know what kitty has been trying to tell you, read on to check out some cool cat houses (and cat trees) for cool cats, and hopefully they will inspire you to create one for your own feline friend. 
Very cool cat metropolis from eatsleepmake

Wood slice and tree branch cat tree

Cat condo of cardboard boxes via reddit

How to turn old boxes into a cat house by Tricia at Cuteness

Learn how to make a cat self-scratcher with this DIY video from Cat Lessons

Which is your favorite?

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