Thursday, January 26, 2017

Creative Ideas For Valentine's Day

Personalized birch bark wood vase via Etsy

Check out these sweet ideas to put a little bit (or a whole lot!) of creativity in your Valentine's Day! 

Craft up some newspaper roses (via Pinterest)

Make a DIY stick art heart. from Ellens Daily heArt

Whip up some Valentine goodies like these Meringue cookies with Raspberry Curd by Whisk Kid

Share a cotton candy bouquet like this one from Inspire Blog

Create a heartfull quilt like this one - Pieces of my Heart quilt by Wendy Williams. Photo by PatchworknPlay: Workshop With Wendy Williams

Make some Conversation Heart Art! (see more ideas here!)
(Valentine's Hurricane vases by AmandaJaneBrown)

Craft up a Yarn art heart - DIY from Repeat Crafter Me

Like to work with wood? Create some Red lips

Which is your favorite?

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