Thursday, January 26, 2017

Creative Ideas For Valentine's Day

Personalized birch bark wood vase via Etsy

Check out these sweet ideas to put a little bit (or a whole lot!) of creativity in your Valentine's Day! 

Craft up some newspaper roses (via Pinterest)

Make a DIY stick art heart. from Ellens Daily heArt

Whip up some Valentine goodies like these Meringue cookies with Raspberry Curd by Whisk Kid

Share a cotton candy bouquet like this one from Inspire Blog

Create a heartfull quilt like this one - Pieces of my Heart quilt by Wendy Williams. Photo by PatchworknPlay: Workshop With Wendy Williams

Make some Conversation Heart Art! (see more ideas here!)
(Valentine's Hurricane vases by AmandaJaneBrown)

Craft up a Yarn art heart - DIY from Repeat Crafter Me

Like to work with wood? Create some Red lips

More creative Valentine's Day Ideas here!

(Lovely Valentine heart by Linda Albrecht via Simple Things)

Which is your favorite?

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