Friday, January 27, 2017

Banish Winter Blues (& Whites!) With Colorful Bohemian Brights!

Who says winter has to be a whiteout?

Why not give your winter decor a bold burst of fun color that will not only brighten 
your living environment, but will brighten your spirits too? We already know that the
seasons can directly affect our moods and emotions. Lots of folks complain of winter
blues and seasonal affective disorder (aka SAD or winter depression) during the winter
months. Believe it or not, some folks suggest that part of the cause of these winter 
blues is due to the decrease in daylight from the winter days being shorter. I think
I have to agree with that! I anxiously await summer. 

Whether you prefer to go for bold brights or rich jewel tones, I believe that adding 
pops of unexpected color - especially if they contain unique patterns and luxurious textures - can help turn your mood around. Check it out!


  1. Those are all great pops of color for the winter doldrums. I don't do much color in my house but I like to visit others that have lots of saturated color. Good post! xo Diana

  2. We just finished painting the dining-room-turned-library into the deep turquoise in two pictures. We love it. The next room, which is attached, is the living room. We will be painting it a pale pink. If we need to amp up the pink, we will. But, we've looked at both colors together for quite awhile, and we think that combination will work.

    Living in southeastern NC isn't as bad as OH where winter weather is concerned. We're bummed that it gets darker earlier, but the days have been sunny and around 65-70, so we're good. We still love putting the color in the house.

    I really like the green room at the beginning, but I'm not sure about the drippy marks. The other photos are great, too. Thank you for the post. Fonda

  3. Frst time on as i am quite attracted to BOHO styles and I have been collecting lace for 2 yrs. now (since my daughter's wedding). I also deconstruct wedding gowns from Thrift shops. Anyway, I can't take the pop-up that thanks me for coming to your site. It pops up every 5-10 secs. Maybe it's a problem on my end?

    1. Yes the pop up is on your end - maybe use a popup blocker or it could be a virus on your computer - anyway, awesome on the lace, what do you do with it?


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