Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jeans & Denim: Recycled, Upcycled and Repurposed

While perusing the world of recycled and upcycled denim and repurposed jeans, I noticed that there were some really dated recycled jean skirt projects floating around out there on the internet! People have been recycling denim for ages, cutting off jean legs to make shorts, making skirts, pot holders and the like, but it takes ingenuity and a sense of modern style to create something fresh and new. Check out the projects and items below, which I think offer a refreshing relief from the same old recycled denim crafts!  

Handmade upcycled denim flag by Hatchettdesigns via Etsy


Upcycled denim doggie bed via pinterest

Corsage made from old jeans by Tea Rose Home. Get the DIY here

Denim jeans sofa

Upcycled denim chair cushions by Michelle Made Me 

Three colour union jacked A3 wall hanging

set of three denim pillows, faith/hope/love pillows, OOAK

Denim placemats made from old jeans. DIY from Today's Nest

Denim rose jewelry

Recycled Cotton Knapsack with Vintage Motorcycle Transfer
Upcycled denim knapsack by pompompurses via Etsy

American Eagle Purse
Purse made from old jeans by Dee via Etsy

HAND PRINTED & hand dyed upcycled 1980s vintage guess denim skirt

Skirt from Geology

Recycled denim maxi skirt by Trinkets in Bloom

Recycled Denim Gowns
Recycled denim gown

Don't have any old jeans that you're willing to sacrifice? 
Find them for a few bucks at your local thrift shop!

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