Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Colorful Bohemian Glow in Winter

Silver tray of pretty candles from svenngarden

I love the warm glow of light in winter, whether it be a candle or the reflection of light on a glass or metallic ornament. At times I also like to step away from the traditional red and green of Christmas decor 
- and not to bland all white - but to joyful color that should be celebrated along with the season. Mix that with some natural, unique and unexpected materials and I am happy. Here are a few choice selections of my favorites. I hope you enjoy!

Antler tree

Upcycled metal Madonna Christmas ornament by hopeandjoystudios via Etsy

Winter backyard scene from Whimsical Woodland

Lampshade tree Sarah Moore Vintage

Don't you just love this? I do. From Husfruas Memoarer

I love this star wreath from 365greetings.com

DIY pinecone firestarters from Something Turquoise

Tree branch with hanging glass candle holders from Vibeke Design

A natural yet dramatic display from DIY Home Decor Ideas

Have a great week!


  1. Fab Laura Beth! Love the reading nook (ooh) and the lampshade frame and antler "trees" Thanks for including me! Julia

  2. I love your products and I wanted to put one particular picture on my Pinterest page -- but only the first photo comes up as a link. That's not the one that I think my followers would enjoy and so I have to not link to your article at all. Is there a way that I could give you the Pinterest publicity, but through the image that I like best? Thanks.

    1. Try just mousing over the desired image until a small Pinterest button shows up in the upper left hand corner. That should work.


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