Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Beautiful Bohemian Floors: Painted, Stenciled, & Decoupaged

I've always loved the look of painted wood floors. I think I like them so much because when you happen upon one, it's unexpected, and personal. 

Often created by the homeowner themselves, it's an artistic expression that is a demonstration of their love for their home. This love for home, intermingled with their own artistic creativity creates a certain type of magic that impresses me every time. 

Check out these amazing examples of unique artistic Bohemian floors and I think you'll agree that whether it be hardwood floor or concrete, freehand painted, stenciled or decoupaged, these floors have a unique and special beauty that is unlike any other.

Beautiful painted wood floor from Indy.com

Pretty blue stenciled floor via HopeInGod blog

DIY stenciled pallet wood floor door mat from APieceofRainbow via HomeTalk

Painted floor from Free People

Ornate painted bathroom floor from Love Paper Paint

Blue Morrocan style stenciled porch by Sarah Greenman  La Maison Boheme

Mandala painted patio by Bine Brandle from einfachnurwir.wordpress

Wallpaper-covered and distressed

What do you think? 
Which do you like?

Have a great week!

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