Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Beautiful Succulents In Crafts and Home Decor

It's no surprise that succulents have become popular in home decor and crafts, they're beautiful! And they make great accents for your home and garden. Check out these amazing examples of succulents used in terrariums, crafts, and as home accents and I'm sure you will agree!

Succulent nests from Chicweed

Succulent planter made from an old wood shipping pallet by theurchincollective

Create a letter succulent with a frame by RootedinSucculents via Etsy
(above and below)

succulent balls:

Tiered Succulents:

DIY succulent driftwood planter from ehow

Another example of a vertical wall display via Pinterest

Succulent birdbath... I had this idea when looking for a chiminea just the other day. Brilliant:
Tiered Succulents

3rdquartermoon:  lunar-amethyst:  ❂ॐ☮Hippie|Spiritual|Nature...:
Vertical garden with succulents on a Rat Surfboard by Bacchus’ Garden, Del Mar, California.
image via Wallace Gardens

Coffee pot terrarium by A Charming Project

Beautiful birdcage full of succulents:
Birdcage of succulents

What do you think?

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